Hemp + Tree

We wanted a sustainable fabric, summer-ready fabric that wouldn’t leave you sweating. The answer? Combining earth-friendly hemp with our breezy Tree fibre blend (TENCEL™ Lyocell) to create a light, slightly-drapey material that only gets softer with wear.


An Easy, Essential Layer

Designed with an easy, relaxed fit, our Camp Shirt was made to layer, open and unbuttoned, or worn on it’s on with the Camp Shorts for a one-and-done outfit you don’t have to waste time thinking about.

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Minimal Environmental Impact. Major Style Potential.

So, why choose hemp over, say cotton? It’s nature’s super fabric — using less pesticides, fertiliser and water then most other crops. Add in the fact that it’s also naturally sweat-wicking, breathable, and antimicrobial and it was the er, natural winner.

Tread Lighter

Our Camp Shirt is carbon neutral thanks to sustainable practices, like using natural materials and buying offsets. But before we balance the emissions, its footprint starts at 10.8 kg CO2e. Think of this measurement like a nutrition label for your closet.

Dig Into How We’re Measuring CO2e